Well Planter

Well Planter


This new version features an updated spindle providing a longer fulcrum from better balance and a more refined look with the use of all brass components.

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This ain’t your grandmother’s crochet planter!

The Well Planter is a minimalist hanging planter for the modern home. The sturdy 4” deep powder-coated aluminum connects to an elegant brass spindle and hangs from a stainless steel cable. Easily hang and adjust the height via the included brass hardware. 

Ideally suited for herbs or cascading plants. Hang them in clusters to create a full garden. 


Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 30cm x 35.5cm / 12” x 14”
Drop Length: 182cm / 72”
Colours: Brass; Gloss White
Brass: brushed / uncoated (will patina with use)
Aluminum: powder coated
Origin: Made in Canada



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